What to Eat in Southern Vietnam

From island retreats to non-stop parties, Southern Vietnam offers both busy metropolitan and relaxed countryside vibes. If you’re already in love with Ho Chi Minh City’s skyscrapers, the Mekong Delta’s paddy fields, and Phu Quoc’s pristine coastline, the food here is also irresistible.

What to Eat in Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is known for its centuries-old heritage, diverse ethnic groups, and breathtaking natural beauty. If Ha Long Bay is already on your checklist, check out the timeless charm of Hanoi and Ninh Binh as well. Also, no visit to the north is complete without a food tour of this region’s signature dishes. Below are our top picks for northern delicacies.

What to Eat in Central Vietnam

The Imperial Capital of Hue, the Golden Bridge of Da Nang, and the Ancient Town of Hoi An have become some of the most famous tourist attractions in Central Vietnam. The cuisine of this region is distinctively vivid with spicy and bold flavors.


What to Eat in Vietnam

Vietnam has some of the most wonderful, diverse, and cheap food of anywhere on earth. There is a reason it’s Anthony Bourdain’s favorite country. Vietnam’s food is highly regional and hugely diverse. Some dishes, like banh mi and pho you may already be familiar with. Others will take you by …

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