What to Eat in Puebla, Mexico

Chalupas Poblanas

Chalupas Poblanas

The tortilla is grilled making it a bit crunchy yet soft enough to roll in the shape of a boat. It’s covered in salsa. The topping can be with beef or chicken and sometimes also with onions and cheese. It’s simple and found everywhere from the street to the fancy restaurants all throughout Puebla. Apparently, the name Chalupas came from the ladies that use to carry baskets full of clothes. The basket was called a Chalupa. The ladies were the ones that usually cooked this and the name just kind of stuck to the dish by mistake.

Mole Poblano Sauce

It’s the national dish of Mexico. While there’s many different types of mole, Poblano takes the prize for being the most popular type and being one of the original cities mole was invented. It’s typically put on turkey or chicken but I could probably put this on just about every meal. Ingredients include different types of chile, tomatos, onion, garlic, chocolate ibarra, sugar, water, and plantain.

Street of Sweets

The city contains a street called Calle de los Dulces or Street of Sweets.

Tortita de Santa: this sugary heaven piece of cookie is topped with pumpkin-seed
Camotes are yam-based candies.
Borrachitos (little drunks) are sugary candies that contain liquor.
Both of them come in a variety of different flavors.

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