What to Eat in Tequila, Mexico

Not many people seem to know that there’s a town called Tequila in Mexico. It’s where the actual drink of tequila originated from and is home to many of the most popular tequila brands including Jose Cuervo and Suaza. Tequila is about an hour away from Guadalajara with a population of around 26,000. While most people tend to take a …

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What to Eat in Mexico

Corn is King From tamales to corn on the cob to the giant kernels of hominy floating in pozole stew, so many Mexican dishes are corn-based. The most ubiquitous corn-staple is the tortillas made from corn flour which are the building block for tacos, quesadillas, chips and more. Every morning trucks deliver coolers of warm …

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What to Eat in Puebla, Mexico

Chalupas Poblanas The tortilla is grilled making it a bit crunchy yet soft enough to roll in the shape of a boat. It’s covered in salsa. The topping can be with beef or chicken and sometimes also with onions and cheese. It’s simple and found everywhere from the street to the fancy restaurants all throughout Puebla. Apparently, …

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