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About What To Eat In

There tons of resources available on where to eat, but very few resources on what to eat when traveling. There are many dishes unique to a specific region, city, or country. What To Eat In is your passport to discovering new local dishes as you travel through education, discovery, and photography.

About Me

In 2011 I created an app called Eat The World for iOS. The idea was that you’d use the app while traveling to find different dishes from around the world. The focus was not on where to eat, but on what to eat in different regions of the world. There was about ten different countries covering various local regions and cities.

Maintaining the app got increasingly difficult and other priorities at the time took over. After a few years, I had to unfortunately take it down. Most of the content has been lost through time.

I’ve had a great sense of regret since then and have always wanted to bring back the idea. Here we are in 2022 introducing the same vision and now called What To Eat In!

Michael Tieso

What To Eat In - Your Passport To Eating Like a Local | Product Hunt
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