Your passport to eating like a local.

You will find tons of resources on where to eat when traveling, but there are very few resources on what to eat. At What To Eat In, we explore many local dishes unique to a specific city, region, or country.

We are your passport to discovering what to eat while on the go through education, exploration, and photography.

Learning About Culture
and History Through Food

Have you ever thought about why people from all around the world eat such a diverse range of foods? Do you ever consider why particular meals or culinary traditions are so significant in your culture? There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to food and culture.

Food can reveal a great deal about a society’s past and present, detailing what individuals ate and how they grew food amid hardships.

Food plays an essential role in our lives, and rightly so. What we consume is inextricably linked to our culture. It serves as a form of cultural expression.

Since traditional recipes are handed down from generation to generation, exploring a country’s cuisine can teach you a lot about their culture.

Embrace the culture and history of countries from all over the world through their unique cuisine!

Food Is a Great Way
To See the World

Many people are taking the marriage of culture and food to new heights. A trip isn’t complete without a well-planned meal plan that determines not just the time of year you visit but also how you’ll enjoy a different culture.

With What To Eat In, learning about local cuisines, their history, and how to find them will be a breeze! Discover unique dishes from different destinations as you travel around the world.

Dishes from
Around the World

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